3D Design Certificate Course

Course Features

  • Specification 3D Design
  • Course Certificate
  • Duration 6 or 3 Months
  • Levels 4 Levels
  • Accreditation Partnered with NSDC
  • Education Loan Available

Course Overview

The trend of seeing things digitally before investing money in real-time production of products, like robots, electrical machineries, automobiles, high-raise buildings and so on has set a major growth in the Animation industry. Also, the outsourcing of animation production to India by the world’s biggest studios and recent setup of animation hubs in India by top studios are fuelling the growth of the industry. As per a report from KPMG, the Animation and VFX industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 17.2% over 2017-2021 to reach a size of INR 131.7 billion.

Realizing the increasing opportunities in the field, IMAGE has designed this course that would enable students to build a strong foundation in 3D production pipeline and specialize either in architectural visualization or in the development of 3D models for games, depending on each student’s passion/skill set.

Course Content

  • 3D Production Pipeline
  • Preproduction Techniques
  • Research and Visual Exploration
  • Cinematography & Storyboarding
  • Choice of Specialization – Architectural Visualization / 3D Modeling for Games
  • Audio, Video Editing

Career Opportunities

On successfully completing this course, the students can position themselves in Media Organizations as a:

  • Architectural Visualizer
  • 3D Artist
  • Game Artist
  • Video Editor

Course Duration

  • Normal Track - 6 Months

    2 hours class on alternate days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday (OR) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

  • Fast Track - 3 Months

    2 hours class every day (Monday to Saturday)