UI/UX - Gearz24


We all have used cycles at least once in our lives. People still do! Cycling is an extremely healthy and a low impact form of exercise. People from all age groups, be it children or even middle aged men and women enjoy this activity. It is fun, cheap and a great use to the environment. It may not be the fastest mode of transport but it definitely is a leisure activity. Cycles are inexpensive, helps save fuel and it’s easy to ride through traffic. The various health benefits include- strengthening of heart muscles, lowering resting pulse and reducing blood fat levels. Cycling can help to protect you from serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis


To help you get into this healthy lifestyle, Gearz24 is an app where you can rent any bicycle. You do not necessarily need to rent these cycles for long journeys, you can also use it for short trips around the city. This app is created keeping in mind the need to have an environment- friendly city.

Design Process


User Flow

The steps to be followed by the user to view and access various activities and functionalities are offered in this cycle app.

Information Architecture

User Persona

User persona is based on the research that is carried out to understand the users’ needs, requirements and goals. This helps us understand and identify what the users’ expectations are.

Typography & Color Palette